What is Sweaty Sheep?

…I wonder when,
in the course of the Christian experience,
we decided that church,
that worship,
meant sitting still?

When did we decide that faith
was a passive experience?

If you believe that worship is movement,
in the acting out of our faith
through a mixture of service and play,
then maybe you are a
Sweaty Sheep.

If you connect with God
through laughter and activity,
through hiking a trail as well as sitting in a pew,
then maybe you are a
Sweaty Sheep.

If you believe that God yearns for us
to squeeze every ounce out of life,
smell every flower,
and dance every chance we get,
then maybe you are a
Sweaty Sheep.

I invite you to join the flock and be part of a
Christian MOVEMENT,
through which we actually MOVE.

There is a certain fellowship built through sweat, through play, and through competition. Unfortunately we know little about roughly 30 years of the life of Christ, but one could only guess that the Messiah, the same Christ who possessed such a rich and nondiscriminatory love, who stepped out of boats onto the water, who turned water to wine, knew how to enjoy life.

Team Sweaty Sheep seeks to bring together like minded Christians to show the world just what is possible through the strength of and faith in Christ. We don’t venture to condemn “nonbelievers,” there is no swinging “the sword of scripture,” but simply a desire to share all that is Christian life by having fun, by worshiping, by sitting around talking, laughing, singing… Team Sweaty Sheep has a goal of LIVING!!! and showing others how beautiful and how good life is!
Lucia Capocchione states:

“Play keeps us vital and alive. It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable. Without it, life just doesn’t taste good.”

God created this world, this life, to taste good…
Can we truly worship God if we are not “alive?”
We are under no false presumptions that a church has walls. Some churches do have walls and that is fantastic; beautiful things happen inside those walls and in those pews. But we certainly do not restrict the “Christian practitioner” to a certain gender, race, orientation, etc. As well we do not restrict our personal capabilities to any mortal standards. If God Created us, God is certainly capable of being the judge, we just need to love.

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