Is Sweaty Sheep a church? What denomination?
Yes, Sweaty Sheep is a church. A church isn’t a building, but a group of people who have been called by God for a purpose. Sweaty Sheep is supported by the Presbyterian Church (USA) and by Mid-Kentucky Presbytery, the local group of Presbyterian churches. But everyone is welcome in Sweaty Sheep, no matter what denomination or religion you belong to – or if you don’t belong to any at all!

Do I have to be a runner or a triathlete to be part of Sweaty Sheep?
Absolutely not! Though Sweaty Sheep has an interest in the endurance athletics community, we love to play -and encourage others to play- in a variety of ways; be that beach volleyball, water-gun fights, kickball tournaments, yoga, or Ultimate Frisbee! We want everyone to feel included and involved in incorporating worship into physical activity.

How do I get involved?
For starters, join our email list! We send out monthly E-pistles, our version of a newsletter. Check us out on Facebook to look out for upcoming Sweaty Sheep events.

How can I financially support Sweaty Sheep?
We’re glad you asked! You can always donate here… Or check out our Sweaty Sheep store!

What community outreach programs is Sweaty Sheep involved with?
Achilles International, Angels in Disguise, and Waterstep. If you represent an outreach program and would like to link up with Sweaty Sheep contact Ryan Althaus at runningmango@msn.com.

Does Sweaty Sheep have a central location?
Yes! Come to 2501 Rudy Lane (Calvin Presbyterian) at 8:30 on Sunday mornings for yoga, and 9:24 for worship!

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